My name is Sophia Loren.  When my Mommy rescued me from the shelter, I was one year old and only weighed 1.8 pounds.  It was love at first sight for us!  We have been a team ever since. My Mommy is very sweet to me.  She sings me songs telling me that I am the most beautiful Chihuahua in the world and gives me 100 kisses every day.  I have many party dresses, hats and necklaces.  I LOVE to dress up!  She also lets me watch my favorite movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, over and over.


If you or a friend of yours is a pet lover, I have curated some really cool items including dish towels with images of dogs, llamas, cactus, giraffes, and longhorns plus awesome coasters.


Come see us on Saturday's at Lula B’s, 1982 Ft. Worth Avenue, Dallas 75208, Booth # 7750, Pamela Robison, and find out what a Chihuahua kiss is really like!